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Cover of The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus: The Ultimate Superpower of Achievers, Made Simple

WHAT IS AN ACHIEVER, ANYWAY?  They seem to have it all: the successful and fulfilling career, close friendships, free time, a full love tank. Who doesn't want to emulate the achievers? What is their secret?


They've caught onto something that has paved the way to their overall HAPPINESS, FULFILLMENT, and SUCCESS.


Find out WHY YOU STRUGGLE TRYING TO LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT In your day to day life.  Learn CONCRETE ways to better your relationship with distraction, while simultaneously becoming equipped with tools to help strengthen your own power of FOCUS.

This book is not just meant for the workplace, one's success far surpasses a job title and work experience. The skills taught in this easy read can be used in any situation that requires you to stay the course. They can be applied to relationships, family, school....truly any situation. These exact tools are taught in coaching sessions around the world to help clients learn to be mindful with their energy and how to channel it in productive ways.  

As a fun addition, enjoy the BONUS CHAPTER about the delicious foods to help your brain level up. After all, whose brain doesn't need to level up these days?

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